Saskia Janssen mixes a variety of media in her socially engaged site-specific works. Often to make visible or materialize situations that are invisible at first. She has collaborated with a.o. sailors, nightclub singers, hard drug users, Buddhists, psychiatric hospital patients and inmates. The outcomes of these collaborations have taken the form of installations, recorded albums, drawings, performances and printed publications. Together with George Korsmit, in 2005 she established The Rainbow Soulclub, an art studio in an Amsterdam shelter for the homeless and long-term drug users. Since then, they have run a weekly program in the studio, often together with their art students.

Saskia Janssen (born 1968, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands) lives and works in Amsterdam. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Art in The Hague and was a resident at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam in 1996 and 1997. Janssen is represented by Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS and currently teaches at de Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. 


Saskia Janssen (‘s-Hertogenbosch, 1968)

1990-1995     Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague


2020             Museum Schunck, Heerlen, (i.c.w. George Korsmit)
2019             Lijiang Studio, Yunnan, China, ( i.c.w. George Korsmit)
2018             Deltaworkers, New Orleans, USA (i.c.w. George Korsmit)
2015             1-year Studio Program /Residency at I.S.C.P., New York, USA
2013             Het Vijfde Seizoen, Den Dolder
2010             Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul, South-Korea
2005             Lijiang Studio, Yunnan, China
1996-97       Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam

 Exhibitions (selection)

2022     ‘31553589 Obsessie voor Nummers en Schema’s’, Museum van de Geest, Amsterdam
2021 ‘Labyrinth’ Dutch Design Week’, Eindhoven
2021     ‘Rearrangement of Priorities #10’, C’est pas du Luxe festival, Avignon, festival of the FEANTSA (European Federation of National Organizations Working with the Homeless).
2021     ‘Rearrangement of Priorities #9’, ROZENSTRAAT, A Rose is a Rose, Amsterdam
2021      ‘Healing Power’, Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam (i.c.w. George Korsmit)
2020     ‘Brush, Rollerskate & Whisper Drawings’, Museum Schunck, Heerlen, The Netherlands
2020     ‘Value(s), Museum van Loon, Amsterdam (cancelled due to Covid-19)
2020     I.S.C.P., New York (cancelled due to Covid-19)
2020     ‘Inside Black’, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (+catalogue)
2020     ‘1.5m’, Bellamy Kabinet, Amsterdam

2020     ‘Rearangement of Priorities #7, Cargo in Context, (i.c.w. George Korsmit and Rainbow Soulclub)
2019     ‘Healing Power’, Museum Volkenkunde, Leiden (i.s.m. George Korsmit)
2019     Re-arrangement of Priorities #2, Cargo in Context, Amsterdam ( i.c.w. George Korsmit and the Rainbow Soulclub)
2018     LUD, public space Rijsterbos, The Netherlands
2017     Rearrangement of Priorities, Plan B, Amsterdam (i.c.w. George Korsmit and Rainbow Soulclub)
2017     MK-Award nominees exhibition, TENT, Rotterdam (with Ad de Jong and Peter Fengler)
2017     Re-arrangement of Priorities #1, Plan B, Amsterdam (i.c.w. George Korsmit and the Rainbow Soulclub)
2017     ‘Spiders on Drugs and Analyzing the invisible, drawings for the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board’   (CBG), Utrecht
2017     ‘Cure Park’, site specific installation at Amsterdamse Bos. (+publication)
2017     ‘Play Time’, KunstVlaai, performance / exhibition, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.
2016     ‘Everything Is One’, Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Amsterdam /duo exhibition- together with George Korsmit
2016     Onrust 02 / Unrest 02, Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem
2016     ‘Reports from the Year of the Monkey’, PuntWG, Amsterdam
2015     ‘Welcome Stranger’, Peekskill Project 6, Hudson MOCA, Peekskill, New York (+ artist publication)
2015     ‘Meditation’, Museum of Religious Art, Uden, The Netherlands (+ catalogue)
2015     ‘Everything Is One’, duo exhibition with Ishu Han, I.S.C.P., New York (+ catalogue)
2015     ‘Illegal Souvenirs’, Field Projects, New York
2014     ‘I’m not doing anything until I feel the need’, De Nederlandsche Bank (groupshow + publication)
2014     ‘KNSM-Vaarders, krakers en woonpioniers’, Museum Perron Oost, Amsterdam (commission / catalogue)
2013     ‘Diamonds in the Sky’, Museum Het Dolhuys, Haarlem (solo)
2013     ‘Diamonds in the Sky’, Het Vijfde Seizoen, Den Dolder (+ artist publication)

2013     ‘Homeworks’ (Less is More), KAAP children’s exhibition Fort Ruigenhoek, Utrecht (i.c.w. Maria Pask)
2012     ‘Ben-de-Insanim’, public space Ankara and Siyah Beyaz Gallery, Ankara, Turkey (+ catalogue)
2012     ‘A Glass of Water’ (Some Objects on the Path to Enlightenment), Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS (solo)
2011     ‘The Dutch identity? The Power of Now’, Museum De Paviljoens, Almere
2011     ‘Black Cube’, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2011     ‘Mutualisms’, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago (+ catalogue)
2010     ‘The Stability of Objects’, Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul, South-Korea
2010     ‘Fare Well’, Brain Factory Gallery, Seoul, South-Korea (+ catalogue)
2010     ‘Monument for Invisible Particles’, Belastingkantoor Kralendijk, Bonaire (+artist publication)
2010     ‘I Hear A New World’, RC De Ruimte, IJmuiden
2010     ‘Kaap’, Fort Ruigenhoek, Groenekan (children’s exhibition + catalogue)                  

2009     ‘Another China’, Meta House, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2009     ‘Windows’, Fries Museum, Leeuwarden
2009     ‘Me & You on a Golden Avenue’ , Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Amsterdam (solo + publication)
2009     ‘Everybody Here Comes From Somewhere’ Montserrat Gallery, Beverly MA, USA, i.c.w. with Jonas Ohlsson
2008     ‘Blaka Watra Spiders’, Ellen De Bruijne PROJECTS, Amsterdam (solo)
2008     ‘Imagen Latente’, Galeria Cerro Nutibara, Medellin, Colombia
2008     ‘Another China’, Kunstverein Tiergarten/ Galerie Nord, Berlin, Germany (+ catalogue)
2007     ‘To Raise One Question after Another’, Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing, China
2007     ‘One year of Experimental Art at Lashihai, Lashihai Haidong Art Center, Yunan, China
2007     ‘Liefde in de Stad’, W139, Amsterdam
2007     ‘Sound of Haarlemmermeer’, Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, Vijfhuizen
2007     ‘East/West, Paradise in Reverse’, Fries Museum, Leeuwarden (solo)
2007     ‘Nieuwe Gezichten, recente aankopen’, 2004-2006, Fries Museum, Leeuwarden
2006     ‘Peter Stuyvesant’s Ghost’, Public Space/ East Village-New York City
2006     ‘World Unlimited’, Museum of Modern Art, (MMKA) Arnhem
2005      KO Video,1st Durban Video Festival, Durban Art Gallery, South-Africa (+ catalogue)
2005     ‘East/West, Paradise in Reverse’ , Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Amsterdam (solo) + Art Cologne (solo)
2005     ‘Social Sculpture’, Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Amsterdam (with Carey Young and Jean-Baptiste Ganne)
2005     The Blue Comets, 25-5-’05, HCBK Stroom, The Hague
2005     ‘Jianghu 3’, mobile video show, Lijiang Studios, public space,Kunming, China
2004     Art Cologne, Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS (+ catalogue)
2004     ‘Situations’, Museum de Paviljoens, Almere (+ publication and DVD)
2004     ‘Smog, Smoke & Fortune’, Fries Museum/ Buro Leeuwarden (solo)
2004     ARCO, Madrid, Spain / Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS (+ catalogue)
2004     ‘Straal’, Outdoor pojection programme De Balie/ AFK, Amsterdam
2003      SKOR, De Inkijk, Ruysdaelkade 2, Amsterdam
2003     Art Forum Berlin, Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS (+catalogue)

2003     ‘Chock-a-block-stock 2’, Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Amsterdam
2003     ‘Smog, Smoke & Fortune’, House of Arts, Brno, Tsjechië, (solo)
2003     Art Rotterdam / Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Rotterdam Cruise Terminal
2002     ‘Upstream’, de Bazel / public space, Amsterdam (+ catalogue)
2002     ‘Circus Maximus in Space’, Sonneborgh Observatory, Utrecht (Lazy Marie Foundation)
2002     ‘Super Stage’, Display Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic (solo)
2002      Art Rotterdam / Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Rotterdam
2001     ‘Grass Plot Shoot’, Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Amsterdam (solo)
2001      Internationales Foto Festival Herten (+ catalogue)
2001     ‘House of Games’, Festival aan de Werf, Utrecht
2001      Amsterdams Centrum voor Fotografie
2001     ‘Kaleidoscopic Eye’, Museum für Photographie, Braunschweig (+ catalogue)
2000     ‘P’rend’, commission Gemeente Purmerend /Museum waterland (+ catalogue)
2000     ‘En Bloc’, MK-expositieruimte, Rotterdam
2000     ‘Cum Laude 2’, Internationaal Perscentrum Nieuwpoort, Den Haag (+ catalogue)
2000      World Wide Video Festival, Planetarium Artis, Amsterdam (+catalogue)*
2000      PARTIE 8, Brandenburgische Kunsttage / Internationales Kunst Forum Drewen, Duitsland (+ catalogue)
2000      Chock-a-block-stock’, Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Amsterdam
2000      MK-expositie ruimte , Rotterdam
2000     ‘Slick, Bang & Doo wops’, Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Amsterdam (solo)
1999     ‘Double Happiness and Other Juices’, Flatland galery, Utrecht (with George Korsmit + Owen Oppenheimer)
1999      CBK Rotterdam
1999     ‘Beat Streuli, Saskia Janssen, Frank van der Salm’, MK-expositieruimte, Rotterdam
1999     ‘Faces & Names’, Exedra, Hilversum
1998     ‘Flipside’, Exedra, Hilversum (with Owen Oppenheimer)
1998      MK-Expositieruimte, Rotterdam
1998     ‘Killing your Darlings’, Ziegler, Groningen (+ catalogus)
1998     ‘Trapdoor’ , MK-Expositieruimte, Rotterdam
1997      Open Ateliers , Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten , Amsterdam
1997     ‘Hong kong etc.’, 2e Biënnale Johannesburg, South Africa (+ catalogue)
1997     ‘Jus Primae Noctis’, galery Lumen Travo, Amsterdam
1997     ‘Hong kong, Perfumed Harbour’, De Appel, Amsterdam (+ catalogue)
1997      MK-Expositieruimte, Rotterdam
1996      Open Ateliers , Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten , Amsterdam

 Articles / Publications/Texts (selection)

2019    Ik wil ze niets leren en kom ook niets halen, interview met Saskia Janssen. (Mister Motley, Ellis Kat)
2017      Spiders on Drugs & Analysing the Invisible; drawings for the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board- CBG
2017     Welcome Stranger– Deel 1/7 – Mister Motley /Art & Daily Life
2017      Cure Park, A Day Book, (published by TAAK & The Future)
2017     Geen drugs, wel kunst (Het Parool, Sara Luijters, 26-2-2017)
2016      Kunst is Lang (afl. Saskia Janssen 4-1-2016) Mister Motley
2016     Black Lives Matter als nieuwe mantra, (Het Parool, Sophia Zürcher, 22 Juli 2016)
2016     Welcome Stranger, Artist publication for Peekskill Project6, HVCCA, Peekskill, New York
2016     Flowers from the Cardboard Hotel-Rainbow Soulclub 2005-2015, artist’s publication published by Rainbow Soulclub
2015     The Gravitas of Time, (Arts.Black, Ikechukwu Onyewuenyi, November 2015)
2015     Peekskill as Canvas for Artists Near and Far, (New York Times, Oct.15, 2015 Tammy La Gorce)
2015     Everything Is One, exhibition essay, ISCP New York, by Kari Conte
2014     Sending Out The Gods, artist’s publication i.c.w. George Korsmit, text and photos by Saskia Janssen
2013     Kunst als een Liedje, (Metropolis M, oct. 2013, Pam Roos ten Barge)
2013  A Glass of Water (Some Objects on the path of Enlightenment) artist publication, Roma Publications
2013     Diamonds in the Sky, artist publication, published by Het Vijfde Seizoen, Den Dolder
2013  Spelen met Betekenis, (Tubelight, M.Geraedts)
2013     The Autonomy of Affect, Proximity Magazine # 10, p. 46-53 (artist contribution i.c.w. G.Korsmit and A.Mers)
2012     Actie ! Nieuw Activistisch Elan, (Kunstbeeld #11, 2012, Renate van der Zee)
2012     ‘Al die losse eindjes dienen een hoger doel’, (Het Parool, feb. 2012 K.Keijer)
2012     ‘A Glass of Water’ (Some Objects on the Path to Enlightenment), artist publication/risograph edition of 60
2011     ‘Blind Date With Experts In Future’, (Graphic #18 workshop issue, p.175-188)
2010     ‘Fare Well’, (Top Class Magazine # December 2010, p.44-.47)
2010     ‘Exoten Act’, (Mister Motley # 25 on ‘Fear’, September 2010)
2010     ‘Een bioscoop voor vogels op Fort Ruigenhoek’, (NRC, 11-6-2010, Dana Linssen)
2010     ‘Als je niet durft: tanden op elkaar en erdoorheen!’ ( Trouw, de Verdieping, 2-6-2010, Anita Twaalfhoven)
2009     ‘A different Perspective’, eassay by Ilse van Rijn, November 2009
2009     ‘Another China at Meta House’, (Asian Art News #2, 2009, Bradfort Edwards)
2009     ‘Saskia Janssen, Me & You on A Golden Avenue’, (Kunstbeeld nr. 3 2009, Anna van Leeuwen)
2009     ‘Het spinnen van een mensenweb’, (Tubelight 23-4-2009, Maarten Steenhagen)
2009     ‘Die webben zijn zelfportretten voor mij’, (Parool 17-3-2009, Liedewij Loorbach)
2009     ‘Spinnenportretten van Verslaafden’, De Wereldomroep 26-3-2009, Jan-Willem Oomen
2009     ‘Blaka Watra Spiders’, artists publication published by Roma Publications
2008     ‘Inloophuisgasten ontmoeten wereld van verschil’, (De Ware Tijd 11-10-2008, Gracia Nelson)
2008     ‘Another China, Das Lijijang Studio in Yunnan’, (Kunstforum International no.92, p.267-269, Herman Pfütze)
2008     ‘Alexis’, ‘Clifton’, ‘Annemieke’, Mister Motley #18 on ‘Imago’, p.5-7, p.22 and p.24-25
2008     ‘Gimme Shelter’ # 5, published by the RainbowSoulclub
2007     ‘Blaka Watra Spiders’, Saskia Janssen, Gray Magazine #3, p.42-51
2007     ‘Gimme Shelter’#3 and #4, published by the RainbowSoulclub
2006     ‘Gimme Shelter’#1 and #2, published by the RainbowSoulclub
2007     ‘Twee leefwerelden vinden elkaar in kunst’ (Het Parool,20-9-2007, Marco van der Heijden)
2007     ‘Liefde in de Stad’ (Trouw,31-8-2007, Hans Nauta)
2007     ‘Lente breekt door bij Sound of Haarlemmermeer’, (Haarlems Dagblad 26-3-2007, Peter Bruyn)
2005     ‘Plumpuddingtapijt’, (NRC, 10-6-2005, Hans den Hartog Jager)
2005     ‘Een grens van bloemen’, (NRC, 21-10-2005, Machteld Leij)
2005     Politiek en vermaak verenigd in kunst’, (Volkskrant, Wieteke van Zeil, 8-6-2005)
2005     ‘Groeistapels voor een nieuwbouw’, (Het Schooldomein, juni 2005, Robbert-Jan Muller )
2004     ‘Saskia Janssen, tussen Engagement en Mysterie’, Han Schoonhoven, PhotoQ, 10-2004)
2004     ‘Een hangplek tussen kassen, hokken en rode kolen’, (Mr.Motley, issue#03, Mireille de Putter)
2004     ‘Scene Shifters’, artist’s publication, published by Artimo Publishers, Amsterdam
2004     ‘Soundtrack van een Almeerse woonwijk’, (NRC,19-5-2004, Edo Dijksterhuis)
2004     ‘Saskia Janssen legt zwartwerkers in de watten’, (SKRIEN, may 2004, Jacquine van de Elzen)
2004      Display Book 2001-2002, published by Display Gallery, Prague, Czech Repunblic
2004     ‘Tricks of the Trade’, Sophie Berrebi
2003     ‘Exedra 1997-2001, tussen feit, lijn en fictie’, (p.17, p.64) published by Exedra Foundation, Hilversum
2002     ‘Super Stage’, Umelec Vol.6, 2002/2, Michaela Ivaniskova
2002     ‘Kunstenaars tonen hun kijk op 400 jaar VOC’, (Noord-Hollands Dagblad, Martha Dirkmaat Planting)
2002     ‘Saskia Janssenová : Super Stage’, (Týden no. 24/2002, Thomás Pospiszyl)
2002     ‘Lidska dramata ve fotografiích Saskie Janssenové’, (Lidové Noviny Kultura, 14-06-2 Michaela Ivaniskinova)
2002     ‘The three-ring Circus of Life’, (Prague Post, 22-6-2001, Mimi Rogers)
2002      Catalogue Prix de Rome Photography / Film 2002
2001     ‘Hangjongeren in Purmerend’, (Het Parool, 24-11-2001, Kees Keijer)
2001     ‘Als opgeprikte vlinders, over de portretten van Saskia Janssen’, (Kunstblad, feb.2001, Claudine Hellweg)
2001     ‘Photomaton’, #15, (Channel 1, Bulgarian National Television, 17-2-2001)
2001     ‘European Photography’, nr.68 fall/winter 2000, text by Bas Vroege
2000     ‘Straten, pleinen en schooljeugd in Purmerend’, (NRC, 14-12-2000, Eddie Marsman)
2000      Catalogue 18th World Wide Video Festival, (tekst Nathalie Zonnenberg )
2000     ‘Kunst abladen verboten’, (Der Tagesspiegel, 16-9-2000, Christophe Tannert )
2000     ‘Verdreht in Drewen’, (Der Tagesspiegel, 9-9-2000, Nicola Kuhn)
2000     ‘P’rend’, publication/project; published by Paradox, 2000(text by Bas Vroege en Maartje v.d. Heuvel)
1999     ‘De Amsterdamse Kunstprijzen’, AT5 broadcast nov. 1999
1999     ‘Maritiem Epos’, (Het Financieele Dagblad, Mirelle Thijssen)
1998      ‘Cliché op cliché is geen cliché meer’, (Volkskrant, 16-9-’98, Anne van Driel)
1998     ‘Een machinekamer als circuspiste’, (Volkskrant, 25-2-’98, Erik Hagoort)
1997     ‘Traderoutes’ , catalogue 2e Biennale Johannesburg, Zuid-Afrika
1997     ‘Hongkong’ , kunstenaarspublikatie, published by Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam


2020   Schunck, Heerlen, art work for 10 m glass wall (i.c.w.staff of Schunck and George Korsmit)
2019     Visual Essay for The Meaning of Life,  Atelier Rijksbouwmeester
2015     Temporary installation in public Space, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art
2010     Commission Rijksgebouwendienst for tax office at Bonaire
2010     Research commission for the Poelenburg quarter, Gemeente Zaanstad
2007     Commission Public Space, Gemeente Haarlemmermeer
2004     Commission Public Space Staatsliedenwijk Almere, Museum De Paviljoens/Gemeente Almere
2003     Commission for new school building ISW College, ‘s-Gravenzande
2000     Commission Art in Public Space for Gemeente Purmerend

Teaching (selection)

2021 Guest Lecturer Hochschule Luzern Kunst & Design, Luzern, Switserland         2021 Guest Lecturer Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam     2020 Guest Lecturer AKV/St.Joost

2020 Artist talk for FEANTSA and the UvA, Spui in Spé.

2002-2018 Lecturer Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (graphic design department and foundation year)                                             2019 Guest Lecturer AKV-st.Joost, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (MA fine art)             2019 Guest Lecturer Artez, Zwolle (MA art & Education)
2018 Guest Lecturer Tulane University, New Orleans,VS
2009-2014 Lecturer Artez Arnhem (visual art department)
2014 Artist Talk at Studium Generale KABK, The Hague
2014 Artist Talk AKV/St.Joost for MFA Visual Arts
2009-2013 Lecturer Artez Academy Zwolle (visual art department)
2012 Artist talk at Museum De Paviljoens, Almere and at Kunst Fort Vijfhuizen
2012-13 Lecturer/advisor for No-Academy/het instituut, Amsterdam
2009     Guest lecturer for AKV/St.Joost, MFA photography
2009     Artist talk at ‘Monte Verità’, Studium Generale 2009, Gerrit Rietveld Academy
2008-2009  Visiting artist/guest lecturer for Montserrat College of Art, with Jonas Ohlsson / Beverly (MA), USA
2008   Guest lecturer for Artez Consevatorium/Hogeschool v.d. Kunsten Arnhem
2006-2009    member of knowledge group Profesorship of Art and Public Space- Gerrit Rietveld Academy
2006     Workshop/guest lecturer for Artez conservatorium/Hogeschool v.d. Kunsten Zwolle
2004     Artist talk + workshop, Mr.Motley’s Kunstkennisdag, Post C.S.
2002     Guest Lecturer Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen. (MFA painting Minerva academy)
2002     Guest Lecturer Royal Academy for Visual Arts, The Hague (photograhy department)
2001-02     Lecturer Academy St.Joost, Breda (photography department)
2000/01     Lecture /visiting photographer, Amsterdam Centre for Photography
2000     Guest Lecturer Académie des Beaux Arts Régionale, Rouen, Frankrijk
2001     Lecture for Studium Generale Akademie Kunst en Vormgeving, Den Bosch, ‘Kunst op zoek naar nieuwe territoria’
1999     Visiting Artist Washington University, St.Louis, U.S.A. (with George Korsmit)
1998-2004     Lecturer Akademie Kunst en Vormgeving, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (fine art department)


2017   Nomination for the MK-Award
2016- present   Board member Welcome Stranger Foundation, Amsterdam
2012     ‘Dancing with the Alphabet’, Performance evening by Rietveld students for Holland Festival, (at the Frascati theatre, i.c.w. Uta Eisenreich and Sara v/d Heide
2009     Loko 09, presentation and lecture for SKOR in schouwburg Almere
2008 Close Connections/ Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam
2007     ‘Karma Orchestra’: workshop & performance for Mister Motley, at Lowlands Music Festival
2004-2009     Board member Materiaalfonds voor Beeldend Kunstenaars
2004-2007     Board member stichting De Veemvloer
2000     Member of editorial board “Lost & Found”, de Waag, Amsterdam
1999      Incentive Price Photography 1999, Amsterdam Foundation for the Arts (AFK)

Work in Collections :
a.o. CBK Rotterdam, Museum De Paviljoens, Museum Modern of Art Arnhem, Fries Museum, Collection Almere, IMCO Purmerend, various private collections in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Australia, U.S.A.

Gallery: Saskia Janssen is represented by Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Amsterdam

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