Monument for Invisible Particles

Saskia Janssen, artist, detail of silkscreen, Dutch Tax Office Bonaire

Saskia Janssen, artist, work in progress, Bonaire 2010

‘Monument For Invisible Particles’, commissioned work for the Atelier Rijksbouwmeester  read more…

Cinema for Birds & Hoop for People

‘Cinema for Birds & Hoop for People’, Installation for children’s exhibition ‘Kaap’ at Fort Ruijgenhoek, 2010

Saskia Janssen, installation for the Kaap exhibition, 2010

Saskia Janssen, poster for installation at the Kaap exhibition, 2010

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Guest on Strike

Guest on Strike, a series of b/w photos of an action in Chicago and a  fan-shaped placard. Part of the ongoing series:  A Glass of Water (Some Objects on the Path to Enlightenment). A series of works based on weekly buddhist classes in a small buddhist temple located in a basement under a sun tan studio  in the east of Amsterdam.

Saskia Janssen, artist, Guest on Strike, Chicago, 2011

Saskia Janssen, artist, together with union strikers in Chicago 2011

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AIR at Seoul Art Space Geumcheon

  AIR at Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, pilot project Fonds BKVB, oct.-nov.-dec. 2010.  

saskia-janssen-spider-seoul-police-21   saskia-janssen-spider-seoul-police-20  saskia-janssen-spider-seoul-police-11

saskia-janssen-spider-seoul-police-16  saskia-janssen-spider-seoul-police-13  saskia-janssen-spider-seoul-police-8

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