Sound of Haarlemmermeer


Sound of Haarlemmermeer Temporary project in public space, commissioned by the Haarlemmermeer council, 2007. Sound of Haarlemmermeer is a sound archive of the Haarlemmermeer region in 2007. The sounds were recorded in a city bus converted into a mobile sound studio during October and September 2006. Due to the expansion of Schipol Airport, the Haarlemmermeer region has developed over the last 150 years from a quiet nature area to having the highest decibel count per square kilometer in the Netherlands. Via a call-up in local media, residents were invited to submit sounds for a sound document of the region in 2007. All sounds were recorded live on location in collaboration with residents. The document appeared in March 2007 in the form of a double LP and a publication available to residents. Amongst others, a heavy metal band, an activist choir, crickets in the grass, harvesting sounds, a Philippine singer and the Youth Symphony Orchestra from the Haarlemmermeer region can be heard. The sound recordings are preserved for the future in the Hoofddorp City Archive.

For more information, please see the printed LP.
Images: recording photos, presentation in Kunstfort in Vijfhuizen, double LP, double CD and booklet.

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