Double Happiness


Double Happiness

Nedlloyd Asia container ship, Hong Kong – Shanghai, May 1997.

Double Happiness is the result of a journey made by Saskia Janssen, George Korsmit and Owen Oppenheimer in 1997 on board the container ship Nedlloyd Asia. The voyage took place during the last international trip of the ship between Hong Kongand Shanghai, just prior to the handover of the colony to China in May 1997. Nowadays this voyage remains within China’s national borders.

On board: 17 crew members, 6 Dutch officers, 8 Indonesian sailors and 3 artists. During the 8-day residence, the ship was effectively turned into a studio for amassing a large amount of material: 38 hours of video, 30 minutes of Super-8 film, 936 photographs, 30 hours of audio recordings, numerous interviews and 18 letters-in-a-bottle.

Double Happiness was presented at the Open Studios of the Rijksacademie and at De Appel Art Centre, Amsterdam in 1997. Each exhibition presented another selection of the material.


saskia-janssen-d-h-3saskia-janssen-d-h-anp persbericht

saskia-janssen-d-h--volkskrant  saskia-janssen-d-h-video-1

Volkskrant en ANP persbericht 28-4-1997

 saskia-janssen-d-h-video-4  saskia-janssen-d-h-video-15