Performance Marathon Lecture by Laura and Saskia

6 May; Performance Marathon Lecture by Laura van Grinsven and Saskia Janssen for basicyear Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Screening of 65 performance clips + analysis by artist Saskia Janssen and art historian/philosopher Laura van Grinsven. Location: Basement new building > 9.00h-17.00h.

2 April, Lecture for Studium Generale KABK

 Saskia Janssen artist talk at the Studium Generale of KABK, 2014                                                                                                                                                                  Lecture on “Inspiration”,  for the Studium Generale of the KABK,  2 April, 14.00 at the auditorium of KABK, Den Haag.

Chair Parade on location part1

Super8 workshop by artist Saskia Janssen and artist Uta Eisenreich

Filming the re-enactment of the famous Chair Parade with the 1st years graphic design,  27 march 2014.

Messages & Schedule for Rietveld Students 2013-2014

Messages & Schedule for Rietveld Students 2013-2014!
1st Year Graphic design >
class by Saskia & Uta

from sept. – jan. every thursday at 13.30 in 2.16!
27-31 jan. one-week workshop in the gym
Class from februari on, in 2.16:

thursday 20-2- >>bring all final prints  from the workshop ! (and contactsheets too)
thursday 6-3 >> meeting with the design team: Migle, Line and Julie
thursday 20-3 >> Uta and Saskia are in admission comittee/ class to Ghent Bold Italic

thursday 27-3 >> Chair Parade, email with instructions will follow!
thursday 3-4
thursday 24-4 > Workshop by Machine/ class postponed to 8 may

thursday 8-5> class> preparing for book and exhibition
thursday 15-5>class> preparing for book and exhibition
thursday 22-5 >> Opening Exhibition

Workshop on Rietveld’s oral history by Uta & Saskia

Saskia Janssen and Uta Eisenreich, workshop on Rietvelds oral history, for graphic design department Gerrit Rietveld Academy, 2014

 27- 31 januari > A full-week-workshop by Uta & Saskia.
Wewill work in the gym > Rietveld’s Oral History re-enactment space!
The results will be shown on 27 januari >  the Open Day ! 10.00-20.00h

Saskia Janssen and Uta Eisenreich, workshop for the graphic design department Gerrit Rietveld Academy

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23 januari 2014 mini symposium telling RV oral history

Saskia Janssen and Uta Eisenreich, symposium on the oral history of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Thursday 23 Januari, Mini symposium on Rietveld Academies Oral History: the Myths and the Saga’s. Story tellers: Jos Houweling, Frans Oosterhof, Erik Slothouber and Gerrit Oorthuys. read more…

Performance workshop for fine art students Artez Arnhem 11 december 2013

artist Saskia Janssen and performer Deborah Abrahams workshop at Artez Arnhem

artist Saskia Janssen and performer Deborah Abrahams, performance workshop for Artez students Arnhem

Performance workshop for students Fine Art Arnhem, 11 december 2014 10.00h-17.00h in the auditorium, with special guest Deborah Abrahams.

Test post for Saskia

First year Graphic Design > class of Uta and Saskia starts thursday 19 september at 10.00 in the photo studio on the second floor. We will have a crash course studio & light as a preparation for this semesters project. Bring your digital camera and your tripod if you have one ! (with an empty card & a full battery!)

Saskia Janssen, workshop photography for graphic design students Gerrit Rietveld Academy

What a Feline!

18-22 March 2013 – Surprise Workshop for 1st vakjaar Graphic Design by Uta & Saskia
Start : Introduction monday 18 march at school in our great room 2.14 ! Be in time and bring your bike, you will need it!
Location for tuesday19- friday 22 march : Generaal Vetterstraat. Every day from 10.00 – 18.00
Final presentation 14 april at Lost & Found, De Leeuw van Vlaanderenstraat 33 -8h-midnight

artist Saskia janssen and artist Uta Eisenreich, a poster for a workshop on cats

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Saskia and Uta Rietveld Uncut 9 and 10 nov 2012

Rietveld Uncut,: The Making Off. Friday 9, Saturday 10 November 2012 in De Brakke Grond. Performances by 1st year students graphic Design

 artist Saskia Janssen and artist Uta Eisenreich performance program for Rietveld Uncut, De Brakke Grond

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