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Residency at Schunck, Heerlen December -January 2020

2 month residency at Schunck Museum, Heerlen- together with George Korsmit, Dec.2019 -Jan.2020 Workshop for Schunck Museum & Library staff: 23 and 24 January, 2-6 pm. Opening 25-4- 2020.


7 November Rainbow Soulclub film screening in Scheveningen

Screening of the Rainbow Soulclub movie, commissioned by the Atelier Rijksbouwmeester event The Meaning of Life, Pier van Scheveningen, 2pm.

Residency at Lijiang Studio July-August 2019


Saskia Janssen & George Korsmit will be in residency Lijiang Studio in July and August. Artist talks, film screening & performances on the Jixiang village market on Tuesdays 8-12 pm. With thanks to the Mondriaan Fonds.


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Sorry! This website is not updated …. updates are on the way!

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Residency at Lijiang Studio, Lashihai, July & August 2019

Saskia Janssen & George Korsmit will stay at artist residency Lijiang Studio in July-August 2019; artist talks, film screening & performances on the local Jixiang market on Tuesdays 8-12

Re-arrangement of Priorities #2 at Cargo in Context

Re-arrangemnet of Priorities #2, a presentation by Rainbow Soulclub collective at Cargo in Context, opening 8 March 5-7 p.m.; meet & greet & talk by Rainbow Soulclub on 11 March 3 p.m.; finissage on 23 March 4-6 p.m. – Haparandadam 7, Amsterdam. www.instagram.com/rainbowsoulclub


18 January Lost & Found on ‘Regret’

On Friday 18 January 2019 a next episode of Lost & Found will take place at the Theatrum Anatomicum of the Waag. The theme of this event: regret; with confessions by a.o. Io Cooman, Alma Matthijssen, Jan Hoek, Julia van Mourik, Saskia Janssen.

Lost & Found is an evening for stray images and sound. […]

West Wednesdays-walk with Rainbow Soulclub

12 September West Wednesdays, walk nr. 13. Undercurrent

18.00-21.30 a walk with tour guide RainbowSoulclub, starting at 18.00h sharp at the walk-in center Oud-West, Bilderdijkstraat 182. drinks, food, free hair cuts, a studio visit, free pencil drawings and more. West Wednesdays

Saskia Janssen, exhibition Lûd, Rijsterbos, The Netherlands, 2018

FREE BIRD RADIO, a -slightly political- radioprogram for birds, Saskia Janssen, 2018

at the group exhibition Lûd, 15 August – 15 October, a sound exhibition in publics, Rijs, curated by Rudy van Hodel, with a.o. Voebe de Gruyter, Uri Aran, Dora Garcia & Jan Mech, Falke Pisano, Matt Mullican, Peter Zegveld.